Mariah Addis



I make pottery using tactics of call and response. A playful conversation between the clay and me gives room for creative invention. Improvisation in the process is an important activity; generating ideas that give rise to sculpture.  Through my process of forming, I explore the notions of the vessel by investigating a variety of avenues of composition.
Beginning on the pottery wheel, I throw following a line in space to generate volume. Instead of creating a completed form on the wheel, I throw, cut, and alter cylindrical shapes to create potential opportunities for the building process. Working with an inventory of these shapes, I respond to their qualities, and construct the forms into vessels.
Building upon the formal complexities of the vessel, I use line, plain, and volume to investigate composition. I am interested in how ceramic objects are transformed through changing relationships of interior and exterior. The surface of my vessels is a critical component of how my work employs material gestures that stimulate movement. I explore the orientation and posture of a sculpture and how it relates to its environment. 




Dirty Show 17

// 2016 //
Russell Exhibition Center
Detroit, Michigan

Mulvane Art MuseuM

// 2016 //
Washburn University
Topeka, Kansas

University of Central

// 2015 //
The Barn
Oklahoma City, OK

Let's collaborate.

I would love to work on a custom order just for you.  I primarily produce functional ware, however, I am open to all new and exciting ideas i.e. sinks, tiles, mosaics, sculptures (size limit), etc..  Please fill out the form below and describe your ideas.  Looking forward to working with you.